15 moves, 15 minutes, and a dumbbell workout to build arm and chest muscle

This high-intensity dumbbell routine builds upper body muscle in just 15 minutes

This high-intensity dumbbell routine builds upper body muscle in just 15 minutes

In years gone by, you would have been told to grab a set of weights and perform endless reps of bicep curls and chest presses if you wanted to develop your upper body. Fortunately, there’s a more varied way to build chest and arm muscle, and it only takes 15 minutes.

You just need a set of the best adjustable dumbbells to get started. These weights are a space-saving alternative to an entire dumbbell rack, and you can quickly change the load mid-workout, allowing you to get the most from each move.

But if you’re training in a gym or fitness center with a weights rack, then grab a few dumbbells of varying weights instead. If you’re unsure where to start, use these beginner strength training tips to find your ideal load.

Once you have your weights at hand, you can tackle fitness trainer Chris Heria’s (opens in new tab) chest and triceps routine. You’ll do 15 moves in 15 minutes, exercising intensely for 40 seconds before taking a 20-second break between movements.

The workout is split between the two areas, focusing on your chest before ending with a five-move triceps finisher. The aim is to train intensely and maintain a focus on your form. So, it’s worth following along with Heria’s demonstrations to practice your technique.

It’s a high-intensity routine, designed to get results even when you’re short on time, with workout staples like several push-up variations and tricep extensions alongside strength-building moves like incline dumbbell flyes and presses.