5 Best Workouts for Heart Health, From Cardio to Yoga

Keep your heart strong and healthy over the years by adding these workouts to your weekly routine.

Giselle Castro-Sloboda

I’m a Fitness & Nutrition writer for CNET who enjoys binging Netflix shows, cooking new recipes, going for a scenic run or hitting the weight room at the gym.

Help keep your heart healthy with these activities.

Exercising is about more than crushing PRs or focusing on aesthetic goals. Most often people start exercising because they know that it’s good for their health. Heart health is one important consideration for long term health maintenance, with research showing that remaining active is an effective way to keep your heart healthy and reduce your chances of developing heart disease. Although any form of exercise that gets you moving helps, there are some exercises that are important to include if you want to focus on strengthening your heart specifically. 

From walking to taking a bootcamp class or doing yoga, there are various forms of exercise that keep your heart healthy and functioning at its peak. With the help of cardiologists, we broke down the various exercises you should be doing to keep your heart healthy for years to come. The good part is there is something for everyone — whether you enjoy high intensity exercises or workouts on the mellower side.

Be sure to keep track of your heart rate through your exercises.