6 Workout Routines You Need To Include In Your Gym Time – Longevity LIVE – Longevity LIVE

Find the correct workout routines to do once you are at gym. Such as Light cardio, HIIT workout, circuit training, and Tabata training.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Warm-up is an essential step before your workout to prevent injury. Taking this time to warm up allows your body and muscles to prepare for the movements ahead. It also gets you mentally ready for the workout – stretching out those tight muscles and joints can help wake your mind up and get you ready to go! Whether it’s jogging on the treadmill, riding the exercise bike, or doing some dynamic stretches, this will get your blood circulating and muscles ready for what comes next.

The goal is to raise your body’s core temperature and get the blood flowing. Some light cardio is perfect for this, but you can also do some stretching or foam rolling to prepare your muscles for the workout ahead of time. It’s unnecessary to warm up before every workout, especially if you’re doing a quick and easy one. If you’re doing a full-body exercise, we recommend that you start with some static stretches to improve flexibility and range of motion in your muscles.

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