7 Exercises for Your Surfing Workout At Home

Surfing is an excellent sport that uses most of the muscles in your body. This article presents the best surfing workouts to help you ride more waves.

Some of the movements involved in surfing can be challenging. Thankfully, certain exercises you can do at home can help you perform better in the waves.

This article suggests 7 exercises that can make you a better and healthier surfer.

Virtually all your muscles are involved when you try to catch a wave.

Simply lying on the board requires abdominal strength as you float in the water.

When you paddle, you engage your shoulders, triceps, chest, and lats.

When you try to catch a wave, your chest, triceps, and shoulders push you onto your feet, with the support of your glutes, quads, and hamstrings.

Once standing, your lower back and glutes are needed to stay upright.