8 Best Workout Gloves 2022 – Top Reviewed Weightlifting Gloves and Grips – Good Housekeeping

Say goodbye to calluses and blisters. 🙌

Whether you’re hoping for a better grip or the ultimate wrist support, these top-rated grips have you covered.

Workout gloves may be the solution you’ve been searching for when it comes to skin irritation within your daily gym routine. Most fitness aficionados swear by a good pair of gloves designed primarily to assist weightlifters for their ability to prevent painful calluses and blisters that can easily develop. These specially designed workout gloves can relieve pressure on your hands while you life a wide assortment of weights, and also provide good traction for weightlifting that can stem any accidents or injuries when handling heavier objects. Plus, during a time when everyone is more germ-cognizant than ever, gloves provide a mentally soothing barrier between your hands and shared weights (although they aren’t a replacement for thorough hand washing pre- and post workout!).

The best weightlifting gloves pack in all of these benefits and more, including special designs that include under-reach abilities and full-fingered coverage for those who need it. We’ve evaluated the best-selling weightlifting gloves using related criteria established by the Good Housekeeping Institute, taking stock of numerous different styles and designs to account for materials used in construction, added weights or wrist support, as well as maintenance for keeping gloves as clean as possible while retaining its form. Below, we’re sharing our selections for the best weightlifting gloves for strength training enthusiasts and gym newcomers alike.

This pair of weightlifting-friendly gloves pack in the best features from multiple other products on this list — there’s added grip padding, a comprehensive design for comfort and built-in wrist support. For those who are experiencing calluses, the neoprene-encased foam padding on the gloves’ palms and fingers should help alleviate pressure, even on heaviest lifts (the silicone grip pad helps, too!). It also incorporates solid, comprehensive wrist support that makes deadlifting that much easier.

A versatile design that lends itself to many different kinds of workouts and weight-focused training, Atercel’s gloves are budget-friendly without sacrificing quality entirely. While there isn’t as comprehensive of wrist support as we’ve seen on other options, the velcro closure should help to secure the fit firmly, which helps with improving grip. A plush sponge-like grip is embedded in the gloves’ polyurethane and leather blended casing, which also helps with any blisters or shock blowback when using equipment or hauling barbells.

Nike’s specially tailored workout gloves come in four different sizes, but largely answer the call for a smaller option for women who may find unisex products entirely misfitting. Designed to be easily removed after a hard workout, the breathable polyester-based mesh padding can indeed help users’ get a better grip on weights. The nylon construction on the rest of the gloves ensures a snug fit that won’t cause slippery or painful grips later on in your workout.