Diet, Exercise, and Logging Off? Rethinking Employee Wellness

Companies’ approach to employee health should take into account the effects of social media use on workers’ well-being.

Our summer 2022 issue addresses C-suite turnover, end user AI anxiety, and employee motivation.

Companies should think beyond traditional health care benefits and consider social media’s impact on employees’ well-being.

Almost every large organization is trying to get employees to adopt healthful habits. Managers have long known that healthier employees are more productive, loyal, and, frankly, less expensive, given that healthy behaviors can lead to lower health care costs. Given the steeply rising cost of providing health insurance benefits, more companies have experimented with paying employees to start healthy habits. Adobe’s wellness reimbursement program compensates employees up to $360 each year for gym memberships, bike-share programs, fitness classes, massages, nutritional counseling, and more. Google has gone so far as to build out most of these amenities directly onsite at its main campuses.

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