Forgot to Press Start on Your Workout? Here’s How to Manually Add It to Your Apple Watch

You can manually add a workout to your Apple Watch using the Health app on your iPhone. This will be reflected in your activity rings.

How good does it feel to crush your daily workout? You’ve pushed your muscles to the limit, kept your heart pumping, and sweat so much you need to refill your water bottle ASAP. You’re stoked to close those Apple Watch rings, too, when it happens: you realize you forgot to press the “start” button before your workout — or worse, you didn’t have your watch on at all. It’s like it didn’t even count!

Before you panic, take a deep breath. There’s actually an easy way to manually add your workout to your Apple Watch — as long as you remember the type of workout you did, the amount of time you spent working out, and a rough estimate of your calories burned, you can add your workout using the Health app on your iPhone and revel in closing those rings. Here’s how to do it.

Start by opening the Health app.

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