Getting Shredded in 15 days | Muscleology x @SilkyJ | Part 1

Team Muscleology Fitness Trainer Shreds Down for Year End Photo Shoot

Miami, Florida: Team Muscleology veteran personal trainer and group fitness instructor Timothy “Silky J” Gladden stopped by Muscleology HQ this week to reload his nutritional arsenal in preparation for a no holds barred attack on body fat.

The Team Muscleology veteran is initiating a 15-day accelerated fat loss physique transformation program in preparation for a two-day photo shoot November 16-17th for Dick’s Sporting Goods Second Skin Sportswear in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Silky J maintains top condition year round as he’s relied on Muscleology products for over 6 years, since being first introduced to the brand via DPX CUTS recommendation by Chief Muscleologist Joe Pavlik, during his preparation for the 2011 FAME Miami Fitness & Bodybuilding competition.

Silky J’s primary goal for the shoot is to arrive in absolutely shredded condition with dramatic improvements in muscle hardness and vascularity. Such a look can only be achieved with the use of clean, naturally sweetened pharmaceutical grade Muscleology supplements so follow his journey to shredsville!

Day 2 morning exercise