HealthWatch-Home workout – KEVN

As the weather turns nice, more people are thinking about getting into shape.YMCA group exercise coordinator Nicole Craig has some easy ideas to get you started in this week’s edition of HealthWatch.

“Hi and welcome to March’s HealthWatch. My name is Nicole Craig and I’m the group exercise instructor down at the YMCA. Today, I’m going to give you a little bit of March Madness, or just 20 repetitions. It’s the 20/20/20 workout. So all we’re going to do to start with, make sure you’re nice and warm. We’re going to start with some jump squats. They can be wide or narrow and you’re just going to jump ten times. Right after the jump, you’re going to hit the deck for some pushups. So we’ll come down and instead of doing 10 or 20 in a row, we’re going to do 4 sets of 5. All we have to focus on is five pushups. So get your position, knees are down, abs are tight, hands are wide. We’re just going to come down and up. Five times for four sets or you can do five, four for five times. Math. Or you can also be on your toes. Down and up. Right after the pushups, we’re going to go to dips. Again, find a chair for the triceps. Or you can sit back, position yourself, elbows are going to shoot straight back. All we’re going to do is bend at the elbows. Down and up. Just like the pushups, four sets of five repetitions and then we’re done. Then we hit the deck again for some crunches. Regular crunches, nothing too fancy. Feet are down, legs are bent, hands behind the head, lifting and lowering, just lifting the ribs and shoulder blades up and off the mat. Two sets of ten for this one and finally, leg lowers. Hand support under the lower back. Legs come up. We lower down and up. Two sets of ten for this one as well. So starting all the way back up for our jump squats, two sets of ten. Pushups, either toes or knees, four sets of five. Dips, four sets of five. Crunches, two sets of ten and leg lowers, two sets of ten. Repeat that twice and you’ve got 40 for 20. This is Nicole Craig for HealthWatch. Thanks.”