Hot Girl Walk: Can the TikTok Trend Really Boost Your Mood and Fitness

Here’s what health experts think of the new feel-good fitness craze and its potential benefits.

This social media phenomenon was created during the pandemic by TikTok influencer Mia Lind, an undergrad communications major at the University of Southern California.

Lind explained in an interview with HuffPost that the idea came to her because she was looking for a way to exercise that she didn’t mind doing. She chose walking because she felt there was a “meditative element” that comes from going on long walks.

However, she realized that there was a stigma attached to walking, with people viewing it as not being a legitimate form of exercise. To overcome this, she decided to do some “rebranding,” calling it the “Hot Girl Walk.”

In her explainer video, Lind flashes before and after photos of herself, showcasing the stunning changes that walking has made in her physique. She explains that what she did to achieve her fantastic results is “really easy and there’s really only one step”: the “Hot Girl Walk.”

Doing the walk itself is surprisingly simple. You walk 2 to 4 miles daily for about an hour. During your walk, you listen to uplifting podcasts or music.

It’s what you do during the walk that matters, she says. You’re only allowed to think about three things:

She further explains that practitioners of the “Hot Girl Walk” should avoid thinking about relationship drama during their walk. If you begin to think about it, she advises turning up the volume on your music playlist to drown it out.