How “Exercise is Medicine” helps patients meet healthy lifestyle goals

UAB’s Exercise is Medicine program aims to help patients prevent chronic problems before they start and adopt healthier lifestyles.

In talking with Abed, Pritchett realized he wanted to be in better shape — stronger both for himself and for his family. At the time, Pritchett’s wife, Sarah, was pregnant with their second child.

“Part of my motivation, around the time I started seeing Dr. Abed, was that I did not like how I felt trying to play with my older son, who is 4 years old,” Pritchett said. “I didn’t feel like I had enough energy, and I knew I would only need more as our second child came along. I wanted to make changes to keep up with them and enjoy things with them long-term.”

Abed referred him to the Fitness, Lifestyle and Optimal Wellness Program, designed for patients who want to take steps toward a healthier lifestyle.

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