I just tried Chris Hemsworth’s 70-rep bodyweight workout — and wow – Tom’s Guide

Thor is dropping workouts on the regular now, so it was only right I put one to the test


Lucy Gornall

published 19 August 22

Thor is dropping workouts on the regular now, so it was only right I put one to the test

If you’ve ever wondered what speedy workouts Chris Hemsworth likes to do in his spare time, we’ve got the answer. The Thor actor recently shared a bodyweight workout on his social media and like any good fitness editor, I was eager to give it a try.

I previously reviewed Chris’ workout app, Centr, and was pleasantly surprised at how simple, practical and useful it was. So I knew that Chris’ workout would be a good little body blitz to get my teeth stuck into after a day of being sat behind my laptop. You can also read what happened when we tried the exact resistance band workout Chris used on the set of Thor: Love and Thunder here.  

Standing on a large floating naval ship in the middle of a beautiful blue ocean, Chris explains on Instagram that he will be sharing more workouts from his app as the weeks go on. He then goes on to demonstrate — to his 55.9 million followers —  the seven moves that form his latest bodyweight workout. He then goes on to do these seven moves, ten times. As one of Chris’ followers so aptly put it, “I was sold until I saw it was 10 rounds”.

As a personal trainer, I very much encourage the use of bodyweight movements, as well as resistance-based exercises. Bodyweight workouts can be done anywhere, anytime as they require no equipment. They’re brilliant at home, in the gym or when travelling. Plus, although they require no weights, bodyweight exercises can still be tough and elevate your heart rate for a good workout. 

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