‘I’m a Cardiologist, and This Is My Favorite Heart-Healthy Workout’ – Well+Good

Cardiologist Lance LaMotte shares why boxing is his favorite exercise for heart health and how to find your own go-to heart healthy activity.

It’s always interesting to hear what types of workout routines health professionals follow. We spoke to Lance LaMotte, MD, FACC, who’s not only a leading structural and interventional cardiologist, but—as we learned when we had the opportunity to talk with him about his favorite exercise for heart health—is also the owner of a boxing club in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Almost everyone feels like they are busy, but Dr. LaMotte may take the cake. While balancing his job as a cardiologist and the medical director of cardiac rehabilitation at Baton Rouge General Medical Center, he also owns, helps manage, and works out regularly at TITLE Boxing Club.

Efficiency is key when your schedule is jam-packed. “I personally enjoy high-intensity interval training (HIIT) style workouts,” he shares. “These exercises pack intense caloric burn into relatively short periods of time.” He points out that this is a great approach for those with very busy schedules—you can boost both strength and endurance in a short period of time.

To make sure he’s able to fit in his daily exercise for heart health, he always does it first thing in the morning. “I am an early-bird and my work days can be very long, so my habit is to exercise before my day starts,” he says.

Boxing is clearly Dr. LaMotte’s go-to activity, but he makes sure his actual workout structure and style is still varied throughout the week in order to work his body in different ways.

“I obviously like to get to our heavy-bag classes a couple of days a week, but also enjoy one-on-one mitt sessions, which are great at polishing skill and footwork,” he says. “I also enjoy the competitive nature of CrossFit, primarily to push my personal performance, but also to see how I compare to peers (and even those younger than me!).”

What does a top cardiologist see in boxing as a form of exercise? According to Dr. LaMotte, there’s a common misconception that boxing is just about arm/upper body training, when in reality, it’s a total-body workout.