Jessica Alba Workout: Her PT Shares Her Top Fitness Secrets

From workout times to recovery tips, we’re all in.

From exercise times to recovery tips, we’re all in.

Actress and WH cover star Jessica Alba’s workout routine is one we’ve wanted the juice on ever since we saw how strong she looked in Never Been Kissed (TB, right?!), Honey and Into The Blue.

Not only glowing on screen, she’s known for gracing red carpets and even running errands around LA with her family looking effortlessly fresh.

So, we spoke to her long-term trainer Ramona Braganza; the woman, brain and body behind a lot of the fittest folk in the industry (oh hey there, Halle Berry and Jessica Biel!), to get the 411.

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Having trained together for over two decades, since Jessica was 17, their exercise focuses and schedules have evolved from prep for film roles to pregnancies.

‘Covid has disrupted many routine exercisers, so Jessica’s goals right now are to get back into a regular workout schedule, maintain weight and muscle tone, and to use exercise as a way to reduce stress,’ Ramona explains — she’s only human, right?