Mirror workout review: Smart home gym that comes with a hefty price

This smart home gym just might help you get off the couch and get active, if you can justify the price tag.

For folks who don’t have the cash or the space to build out a full home gym, fitness mirrors are the next best thing. These wall mounted or freestanding workout machines bring studio-style workouts to your living room with minimal space required. Launched back in 2018, the Mirror was the first of its kind in the fitness tech space, and it’s held up to a whole onslaught of competitors since then.

Mirror is a just that — a mirror that also doubles as a screen to stream live and on-demand workout classes from home. It acts as an actual mirror when the screen is turned on or off, allowing you to check your form during workouts while blending into your home decor when not in use. While some fitness mirrors are touchscreens, the Mirror doesn’t have touch capabilities. Instead, it’s controlled through a partner smartphone app where you can select classes, music, and more.

Upfront, the Mirror costs $1,495 with no added accessories, and requires a $39 per month membership to access all of the classes through the app. There are also other more expensive Mirror packages that include workout bands, a heart rate monitor, or Mirror’s new smart weights if you want to up the ante of your workouts from the get-go.

When turned on, the Mirror shows a trainer on the screen leading the selected workout class. Simultaneously, the paired smartphone app will give you all the necessary controls to customize your experience, from music selection to volume to time elapsed. Mirror also offers personal training sessions that use the device’s installed camera, but these cost extra on top of the membership fee.

Mirror offers the following workout types: barre, boxing, cardio, chair, competitive, dance, family fun, kickboxing, meditation, pilates, pre/postnatal, strength, stretch, tai chi, toning, yoga, and personal training. Within each of these genres, all classes can be filtered by difficulty, length (from five minutes to 60 minutes), instructor, equipment needed, impact, and history (whether you’ve taken the class or not/bookmarked it).

In addition to hundreds of on-demand classes, there’s a pretty decked-out schedule of live and encore classes if you want to really get into the studio feel. In terms of new live classes, there are about 10 to 20 per day depending on the day of the week.

In comparison to other workout apps, the Mirror is very beginner friendly. There are a whole slew of beginner-level classes that require zero equipment, so it’s motivating for folks who don’t have built-up strength just yet. The classes offer a positive vibe without being too cult-y, so any type of user will feel comfortable. During testing, the beginner and intermediate pilates and toning classes were my favorite, as they required only light weights and the occasional resistance band. For folks who want to do more serious lifting with the Mirror, you’ll have to have your own weights or invest in a set of Mirror’s new smart weights.