Olympians travel to these rugged places to train. So can you

The gym is taking over the old Office Depot space at 101 S. Providence Rd. with a $5 million renovation of the 40,000-square-foot facility.

After watching so many impressive Olympic performances, you may be inspired to ratchet up your fitness routine or sports practice. You may even wish you could try an Olympic-caliber workout to see what it’s like.

While there are several Olympic training centers in the United States reserved for elite athletes, that’s not where most Olympic hopefuls train. Most simply work out in the region where they live, sometimes traveling to a training camp or special locale once or twice a year, said Todd Buckingham, a world champion triathlete and exercise physiologist at Michigan’s Mary Free Bed Sports Rehabilitation Performance Lab.

“This is usually to train with other elite athletes and create the optimal training environment without any outside distractions,” he said.

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