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Challenge everything from your chest to your core to your legs with these exercises.

Challenge everything from your chest to your core to your legs with these exercises.

Push workouts play an important role in strength building because they help you train in one of the basic movement patterns we perform in everyday life—that is, pushing. These exercises are crucial when it comes to building upper body strength, but can also get the lower body and core involved too.

Chances are you’re probably recycling some of the same old push exercises in your strength routine, like the overhead press or chest press. And while these are great exercises, it’s smart to switch it up. Enter this dumbbell push workout from Noam Tamir, C.S.C.S., CEO and owner of TS Fitness in New York City.

Sprinkling push exercises into your regular workouts is a great way to build strength. But by dedicating a full session to push exercises, you can hone strength in that movement pattern even quicker. And by focusing on this push workout, in particular, which incorporates compound exercises, you not only target the upper body, including the shoulders, arms, and chest, but also the legs and core. All of this pays off in more efficient running.

“The seesaw chest press and the half kneeling seesaw press are reciprocating motions, which mimic how you use your arms during a run. They help to strengthen the pecs [chest muscles], shoulders, and triceps for the arm cycle of running,” Tamir tells Runner’s World. These exercises also require core engagement.

The single-arm incline chest press listed here will also challenge you to focus on building strength one arm at a time to help offset imbalances while turning up the burn in your core, he says.

What’s more, the squat to press and the bear crawl with dumbbell push are both challenging total-body exercises that will train multiple running muscles at a one time and help make you more efficient on the road. The squat to press movement is also more of an explosive moment that helps with speed work, while the bear crawl variation will help improve endurance and core stability, Tamir explains.