The 23 best exercise dresses, according to fitness experts

“I feel wonderful, I mean I’m already scheduled for next week, that’s how good I feel, I mean I know I’m coming back.”

It’s hard to miss the exercise dresses trending all over TikTok. Comfortable, flirty and fun, these appear to take you from the gym to brunch and beyond. And while dresses in the athletic arena are nothing new — hello, Serena Williams! — they are now stretching beyond the court and taking us through hiking, running, grocery shopping and more.

Here, we spoke with fitness experts about their top picks for exercise dresses.

This workout dress is flattering and comfortable for any outdoor activity, as it is breathable and moves with your body, says Sandra Gail Frayna, founder of Hudson Premier Physical Therapy & Sports. “It can be worn on hikes, running to the grocery store, etc. and still be comfortable and cute,” she says.

While Michelle Levy, the CEO and founder of Zing! for Kids, is obsessed with all of Athleta’s dresses and rompers, this one tops her list for running, walking, traveling, hiking and just hanging out. She says it’s simple, can be dressed up or down, and most of all, it’s functional. Plus, you’ll benefit from their petite options if you’re on the shorter side like Levy. “Most dresses tend to overwhelm my small frame, and this fits just right,” she shares. “You want to feel comfortable, and you won’t if the dress doesn’t fall properly on your frame.” It’s also worth mentioning that this bestseller is lightweight and quick-drying, and offers UPF 50+ sun protection.

Whether you’re walking around town or playing tennis, this super-soft dress with built-in shorts and hidden pockets is a smart investment, says Nikki Gnozzio, a personal trainer and the founder of The Junction Bodyworks. Comfortable and easy to wear, it’s a good pick for people who choose walking as their exercise. However, it might not be well-suited for, say, a boot camp full of burpees. “Because it’s a single strap, I wouldn’t recommend any overly strenuous cardio activities in this, as one side may roll down a bit,” Gnozzio says. “But for low-impact outdoor activities, this is a great choice.”

You’ll love this dress as a little wardrobe upgrade if you’ve been going on hot girl walks this summer. It has soft yet durable fabric and is complimentary for workouts, says Sabrina Washington, a CorePower Yoga instructor in Sacramento, California. “It also comes in adorable colors and patterns, so you can make a fashion statement, she raves. “Best of all, it has pockets!

The chic style and functional fit are why Stephanie Butterfield-Richardson, the founder of Activate House, keeps reaching for this dress on days she has an outdoor workout planned. She loves the racerback, collar and button-up front, which she says is flattering on all body shapes. “I like to pair this dress with Alo shorts, tennis shoes and an oversized button-down shirt, making this dress easy to run errands in or grab a juice after an outdoor activity,” she says.