The Top Workout Earbuds for Your Fitness Routine

Get pumped for your next workout with the best earbuds at every price point.

Are you on the lookout for your first pair of fitness earbuds? Looking to upgrade to a pair designed to pipe in the music you need to push yourself that little extra distance? You’re in the right place.

All kinds of headphones and earbuds have flooded retailers in recent years. But just like any other product out there, they vary in quality. In the case of headphones and earbuds, quality refers to sound output, physical design of the headphone or earbud and features that either come in handy or feel gimmicky. Plus, not all headphones are designed for exercise. Some are a better fit for sitting at the desk, playing video games or running errands.

There are earbuds advertised to make it clear they’re designed to help you find your rhythm and reach your fitness goals—while the marketing around other headphones is a bit vague. So it can be a little confusing trying to parse out which ones are the right fit for your exercise routine. Well, listen closely because we’ve rounded up which models on the market today pull their weight, as well as which less-heard-of earbuds we think deserve more attention.

The best workout ear buds:

Out of every pair of earbuds we reviewed for this article, the Beats Fit Pro is the one that pulled out all the stops. It emerged not just as the best wireless earbuds, but the absolute best across the board. If you’ve ever struggled with earbuds that fall out of your ear in the middle of your run or exercise routine, the Beats Fit Pro addresses this frustration head on with what it calls its secure-fit wingtips. These wingtips give the earbuds the flexibility to conform to any ear shape so that the Beats Fit Pro stay put. This means the Beats Fit Pro will stay snug in your ear to keep the music – and your workout – going.

Aside from a design that matches your ear shape, the Beats Fit Pro comes with three soft silicone eartip sizes (small, medium, large). And the Beats Fit Pro don’t skip out on audio quality either. Its spatial audio technology immerses you in your music, movie or show – while its active noise canceling (ANC) blocks unwanted external sound.