These Are Channing Tatum’s 5 Diet and Exercise Secrets — Eat This Not That

As Channing Tatum promotes his new movie “The Lost City,” we couldn’t help but wonder what keeps this American heartthrob so trim and fit.

Heartthrobs aren’t just born, though: they’re made. Channing Tatum has been appearing on the silver screen for years, and perhaps unsurprisingly considering his “hunk” status, there have been plenty of pieces written about the diet and exercise hacks that enable him to do just about anything. From dancing to leaping through adventure-movie plot-lines, the actor relies on his body for both strength and versatility. Understandably, he’s developed a pretty exact science for how to treat it well.

We rounded up some of Tatum’s most key diet and exercise hacks. Read on, and then go enjoy The Lost City in a theater–but maybe skip the extra butter on that popcorn.

One of Tatum’s trainers told The Daily Mail that while Magic Mike was in production, Tatum ate mainly high-protein meals. He would often pair eggs, chicken, turkey, or steak with vegetables, and then cap the meal off with a smoothie that was much richer in vegetables than anything else. According to the trainer, he blended in “very little fruit.”

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No crash dieting, here – Tatum allegedly eats every couple of hours, sprinkling high-protein sources throughout his day. According to Men’s Health, He’ll start with eggs, naturally, and then tie in a lean protein like chicken or turkey in at lunch before finishing off the day with steak. Even after a workout, food like this is key in helping Tatum continue to burn fat and muscle.