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Combine 5 simple exercises for a workout that yields big results

Combine 5 simple exercises for a workout that yields big results

Does the body rule the mind, or does the mind rule the body? Scott Britton, MH elite coach founder of Battle Cancer, is a man who knows the two are inextricably linked.

A former police officer with a background in competitive powerlifting, Britton’s passion is using exercise as a tool to improve mental resilience and self-belief. It’s a philosophy that you can apply in your own life, too – iron will and relentless drive for progress are not innate, but learned. And you’ll find few better tutors than Britton.

At his gym, Move Forward in Exeter, Britton offers free training to those struggling with their mental health, with an added focus on military veterans and emergency services workers, while his Battle Cancer programme turns cancer survivors into fitness coaches.

As for you? The example workout he has written for you here will flood your body with endorphins, awaken your competitive instinct and bulk up your willpower.

“These movements are low skill, high output, so you don’t need to think about anything but the grind,” says Britton. And they will test every muscle group, too, keeping your heart rate high while you finish with an upper-body beasting. “Note your times, along with comments on each round: how did it feel, did you want to give up, was a certain move harder than the others?” Compare that against next week’s performance… you’re only getting stronger.

Complete 8 rounds, for 5 mins total each round. If you finish before the 5 mins are up, rest. Some people may be able to finish in 3 mins; others will be looking at 40 minutes of steady effort. ‘The real test comes in rounds 5 to 8, where you may no longer be resting at all,’ says Britton. ‘The goal is not just to survive but thrive as you try to beat your previous score.’