Try This Run Plus Swim or Ruck Workout with Added Calisthenics

Leg days during calisthenics and cardio cycles should look different than your typical leg day in the gym.

This is a fun mix of running and swimming cardio events mixed with leg calisthenics. This workout will improve both conditioning and stamina of the lungs and legs.

Squat pyramid 1-10 (stop at 10) with 100-meter runs and dynamic stretches between each set.

This is a classic leg-day warmup recommended regardless of which cycle you are doing. Before lift workouts, get the blood flowing through the legs and lungs with a quick five- to 10-minute warmup like the squat half pyramid from one to 10. This equals 55 body-weight reps with 1,000 meters of jogging. You will feel warmed up to lift or run after this warmup.

Run one mile timed fast and 400-meter lunges.

Next run a mile, followed by a nonstop walking lunge set (no weight) for 400 meters.

NOTE: If you have not done this before, start out with 100-200 meters of walking lunges and build up to 400 meters, as this will make you very sore if you are not ready.

One of our goals is to be able to do a nonstop 400-meter lunge set with a chest carry of a 40- to 50-pound sandbag and not be sore the following two days. This takes time and steady progressions of distance and weight added.