You Have Control Over Your Healthspan: A PhD’s Go-To Nutrients For Longevity –

Science-backed advice for living a long, healthy life.

Once upon a time, I had a pretty awkward and comical date in Santa Monica. I was new-ish to Los Angeles and decided to try out a dating site that was famous for its robust matching algorithms. However, on this particular evening on Pico Boulevard, their matching science was, well, not so robust. 

I probably should have known something was awry when the handsome maitre d’ wished me “good luck” in a distinct, you’re-gonna-need-it kind of tone before taking me to the table where my date was already seated.

In lieu of a warm salutation, my date stood up, scanned me from toes to head (yes, in that particular order), and proclaimed with some audible disappointment, “You’re taller than your dating app profile said.” I replied, “It’s nice to meet you too” like any gracious Southern lady would, and proceeded to sit my tall self down. (I’m actually a not-so-tall 5-feet-6-inches, but as my dating profile clearly stated, “I like to wear heels,” so you know, do the math.)

The rest of that date could inspire a Saturday Night Live skit, but allow me to cut to the nutrition-relevant chase (since this article is about nutrition principles and foodstuffs for a long and healthy life, I promise). 

After asking my date the obligatory question about what he did for work (computer engineer), I kept the convo flowing by sharing that I was a dietitian and nutrition research scientist. As with lots of strangers, my occupation info immediately inspired my date to share his personal foraging and dietary practices with no prompting at all. 

Specifically, he shared that since he works best in the wee hours of the morning, he eats supper at around 2 a.m. Rotating between three particular fast food joints, he picks up the food earlier in the day and refrigerates it to enjoy later (you know, at 2 in the morning). To be clear, he does not work a night-shift job. He then went on to say with adamance that he did not like or consume fruits, vegetables, fish, or most “healthy stuff.” Why? His rationale: “Life is too short. I’ll worry about eating healthy later.”

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