Lakers News: Recent Kendrick Nunn Workout Video Has LA Fans Buzzing

Lakers guard Kendrick Nunn is doing everything he can to ensure he’s ready for opening night this coming season.

Nunn’s contract included a player option which he exercised this past June. After a tough season for the former Heat guard, he appears to be doing everything he can to make sure he can make his Lakers debut in Game 1, rather than subjecting fans to countless injury updates throughout yet another season.

In a recent video posted by Dr. Sharif Tabbah, who’s trained numerous pro athletes including, but not limited to, Jets linebacker Kwon Alexander, and Saints pro-bowlers Cam Jordan and Alvin Kamara, Nunn was shown doing a variety of lower body exercises that someone probably wouldn’t be able to do if their knee wasn’t fully healthy.

Or perhaps that just the optimism sneaking in.

In a recent interview with Spectrum SportsNet’s Chris “Geeter” McGee, Nunn had a message for fans as far as what they can expect from the guard this coming season.

“They should expect consistency. That’s my number one thing. Coming in, night in, night out, and bring and be consistent on both ends of the floor.” 

As long as Nunn can stay healthy, he could serve the role the Lakers were hoping he could fill last year – a valuable combo guard that can provide scoring punch and playmaking off the bench.