Sodexo Expands Nutrition and Wellness Center to Provide National Telehealth Service

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United States

March 30, 2022

GAITHERSBURG, Md. (March 30, 2022) – Sodexo, world leader in food services and facilities management and the largest private sector employer of registered dietitians (RDs) in the U.S., announced today an expanded TeleNutrition solution to deliver dietetic expertise virtually to patients across the country. The Sodexo Nutrition and Wellness Center will provide clinical nutrition and dietetic support for patients across the United States. Sodexo dietitians provide programs and services virtually, with emphasis on individual counseling, metabolic testing, and medical nutrition therapy.
For 15 years, Sodexo’s Nutrition and Wellness Center has served as an online portal for in-person counselling for patients to seek dietetic services in the Denver, Co., market. Now, patients anywhere in the U.S. can receive even more support with virtual sessions with registered dietitians, a mobile app, one-on-one health coaching, group sessions, and meal planning. Through the Sodexo Nutrition and Wellness Center, patients will be able to seek guidance on a wide variety of topics, including sports nutrition, gastrointestinal disorders, oncology nutrition, weight loss, and specialty diets. 

The healthcare industry’s response to COVID-19 has demonstrated that improving access to care is fundamental to improving patient outcomes, said Julie Branham, vice president of Clinical Nutrition for Sodexo Healthcare. RDs are essential in the healthcare environment, alleviating and facilitating the care provided by the already overextended medical teams. And TeleNutrition services improve access and allows more consistent support for more patients.

With its large network of registered dietitians, Sodexo Healthcare is focusing its investment in clinical nutrition, to improve outcomes and patient engagement and satisfaction.

Our RDs access the latest evidence-based clinical nutrition practices from around the globe and use technology to deliver care. The Sodexo Nutrition and Wellness Center is founded on the understanding that nutritional science is essential for empowering healthier communities.