Thinking about running a marathon?

For many people running a marathon will be the most satisfying accomplishments they’ll ever experience. As they cross the finish line, that sense of achievement transcends all feelings of fatigue, anguish and pain they may have been feeling seconds before. But before you attempt to do so there is an enormous amount of planning and preparation to be done to ensure you actually get to the finish line alive!

Pick a Race & Train For It

First you have to choose your race and with hundreds of marathons in the USA alone there are plenty to choose form. Whatever your reason for running the marathon, covering 26.2 miles is a real test of mental and physical strength, and should not be taken lightly. Lack of preparation could result in failure to complete the distance, injury, or even death so take your marathon preparation seriously.

Marathon Training Basics

It’s important to devise a 16 week training schedule whether you’re running for the first time or are aiming to improve your personal best. Setting out a sensible, realistic and achievable timetable, detailing when to run, how far to run and when to rest, will help prevent training injuries ensure you arrive at the start line in good shape.

Marathon Running

Repair & Recover After Every Workout

Use advanced repair and recovery supplements after every workout, as this is a critical component for your success. Glutamine, BCAA’s, Whey Protein and Antioxidants will keep your legs feeling fresh, healthy, and strong. Products such as Super 8 BCAA & Glutamine blends are optimal for post workout recovery and reduction of soreness.