Pre Workout


      Elevate your workouts to a realm previously uncharted with Muscleology’s Pre-Workout Collection. To unlock unmatched energy, laser-sharp focus, and relentless endurance, preparation is key. Our scientifically-formulated pre-workout lineup is curated to ensure you step into the gym with unparalleled intensity, every single time.

      Discover the powerhouse trio designed for peak performance:

      1. Super8 BCAA and Electrolyte Formula: More than just a BCAA supplement, Super8 is the ultimate workout partner. It floods your system with essential branched-chain amino acids for muscle support and electrolytes for hydration, ensuring you remain charged and focused throughout your training.

      2. Sledge Hammer Advanced Preworkout: Dive into the deep end of intensity with Sledge Hammer. Expertly crafted, this formula boosts your energy levels, enhances endurance, and intensifies focus. It's not just about lifting weights; it's about lifting your entire workout experience.

      3. Category 5 Stim-Free Preworkout: For those who prefer an adrenaline surge without stimulants, Category 5 is your elixir. Delivering enhanced performance and a fierce pump without the stimulant jolt, this formula ensures power-packed sessions without the caffeine kick.

      Pre Workout FAQ

      Super8 is a dual-action formula. Not only does it provide a powerful dose of essential branched-chain amino acids, but it also boasts electrolytes, ensuring muscle support and optimal hydration throughout your session.
      Sledge Hammer is meticulously crafted, focusing on three core areas: energy enhancement, endurance boost, and sharpened focus. This holistic approach ensures an all-round intensified workout experience.
      Absolutely! Category 5 is designed specifically for those who want the benefits of a robust pre-workout without stimulants. Experience amplified performance without any caffeine-induced jitters.
      While both are powerful in their own right, stacking should be approached with caution. For those who are experienced and understand their body's tolerance, a custom mix might offer synergistic benefits. However, always start with a lower dose to assess tolerance.
      Typically, consuming your chosen pre-workout 20-30 minutes before training can yield optimal results. However, always follow the recommended guidelines on the product label.