DPX Cuts ™
Advanced Diuretic Formula


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What you can expect from DPX CUTS:

  • Appearance of Greater Muscle Definition & Muscle Hardness
  • Muscle May Appear Leaner, Tighter and More Shapely
  • May lose Up to 8lbs or 2 Dress Sizes in 1 week
  • No Cramping – You’ll Feel Strong & Energized
  • You May Receive More Compliments and Looks!
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Muscleology DPX Cuts
DPX Cuts

Muscle Definition Enhancer, Metabolic Stimulator & Detoxifier

DPX CUTS is a multi-dimensional performance formula that not only brings out razor sharp definition but performs as a detoxifier and body fatigue reducer while increasing natural thyroid activity to optimize metabolism for maximum fat loss.

Whether you’re a bodybuilder, figure competitor, fitness model, or just someone looking to drop excess water for a special event or the beach, DPX CUTS will help you obtain the shredded, lean, and bone-dry physique you desire!

  • May help your muscles appear shredded, harder, and more vascular
  • Comprehensive formula helps eliminates excess subcutaneous fluids
  • Loaded with electrolytes to eliminate cramping, weakness & support muscle fullness

Suggested Use:

Begin with 2 capsules 2 times daily for 3-4 days and then go to 2 capsules 3 times daily for 3-4 days and continue this protocol for 7-10 days. Stack with CARNITINE and E’CINERATE for even more dramatic results.


Due to the extreme strength and potency of DPX CUTS, we advise using for 7-10 days on and 7-10 days off.

Experience Why Top Models & Competitive Physique Athletes Rely on DPX Cuts to Look Their Best!

DPX Cuts
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13 reviews for DPX Cuts ™
Advanced Diuretic Formula

  1. Dana Sealy

    Dpxcuts is incredible water loss pill. Whoever thought, “hey, let’s make a water pill for athletes that competes in bikini competition.

  2. Russel Crivello

    I really enjoy this product as a athlete because it really help me lose water weight!! I would definitely recommend this product to other.I would give this product more than 5 stars because it’s great!

  3. Adison Rae

    DPXCUTS is incredible. Whoever thought, “hey, let’s make an water pill for fitness models.

  4. Keva Klosterman

    This DPXCUTS diuretic is unique . It is a great product to take if you looking to lose water weight without cramping. You can use this when you wake up, in the afternoon or stack with fat burner for better result.

  5. Sharika Hedge

    I love this dpxcuts so much. I get frustrated using a million pills from other diuretic products, so I’m really glad I found this product since it doubles as a water loss & weight loss for me.

  6. Sharika Hedge

    I love this product so much. I get frustrated using a million different water pill, so I’m really glad I found dpxcuts works great for me.

  7. Benny Farrish

    I take this every morning right before my cardio and it helps me getting lean! I am a fan so far.

  8. Ophelia Rodriguez

    Dpxcuts is great. I take first thing in the morning before my cardio.

  9. Lupe Vannatter

    amazing product and easy to take in upon waking up. Definitely feel the water loss.

  10. Kathrin Cannady

    This dpxcuts supplement is unique. You can use this when you wake up, in the afternoon or before your workout.

  11. Reyes Preston

    Now this is some good stuff if you’re looking to drop water weight this is your go to products. 5 star!

  12. Adriana Beddingfield

    THIS PRODUCT is AMAZING! A quick way to start losing extra water weight literally EVERY DAY! perfect to stack with E’cinerator!

  13. Marlon Sisto

    I have tried many different diuretic and this is my favorite. It a great product, and is definitely worth the money. I have been struggling with water weight loss but ever since I tried dpxcuts I have been able to get my body looking lean.

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