Big & Ripped Stack - Muscle Building & Fat Loss

Big & Ripped Stack - Muscle Building & Fat Loss

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  • Redtest Testosterone Booster
  • DPXcuts Water Loss
  • E-Cinerator Extreme Fat Loss
  • Category5 Creatine
  • Mass-Ology Premium Weight Gainer

The BIG & RIPPED STACK offers a comprehensive solution to both muscle building and fat loss, providing a one-stop-shop for your fitness goals.  you'll achieve a more defined physique while maximizing muscle gains and overall performance.


The 1-2 high octane metabolic kick-start of E-CINERATOR and DPX CUTS will help you knockout body fat while supporting more energy and improved fat metabolism all while helping to reduce subcutaneous water retention for improved appearance of greater muscle definition!

E-CINERATOR, a fast acting extreme weight loss formula designed to help keep you energized and strip off unwanted body fat. E-CINERATOR will also dramatically improve your metabolism, focus and daily energy levels while helping to improve your overall workout and daily performance in life!

DPX CUTS is delivers a potent blend of botanicals and nutrients designed to help eliminate bloating and excess subcutaneous water retention while improving muscle tone and definition. DPX CUTS is a performance based diuretic formula infused with fast acting water loss agents and electrolytes to help you shed weight without cramping or fatigue. Used by top models and competitors for over a decade delivering consistent and impressive results! This is one legendary formula that delivers results you can see and feel in just a few days!


REDTEST and CATEGORY-5 may help improve your strength, stamina and muscular power output in the gym and recovery outside of the gym to help support the muscle building process and your perpetual quest for getting "BIG & RIPPED"! These two formulas help to greatly boost your natural muscle building potential by improving natural energy and strength with a multitude of ingredients to support the muscle building process.

REDTEST is the all-purpose natural testosterone amplifier featuring time tested botanicals and herbs shown in research to improve natural testosterone levels which means increased, strength, power and aggressiveness to support hard training. CATGEORY-5 delivers 5 forms of non-osmotic (won't cause water retention) muscle building creatine along with beta alanine and agmatine to support massive pumps and strength in the gym!


Lastly you'll feed the machine with MASS-OLOGY which will be your high quality go-to muscle building meal to use throughout the day, especially before and after workouts to ensure you're feeding the machine with the highest quality protein, carbs and fat for optimizing lean mass gains.

MASS-OLOGY was formulated to be the highest quality lean-mass gainer ever, delivering a precise blend of protein, clean carbs and co-factors to support nitrogen retention and nutrient uptake for optimal lean mass gains.

This proven formula has worked for hundreds of top bodybuilders, physique competitors and fitness models when preparing for photo shoots and competitions and now can help propel your muscle building efforts to get BIG & RIPPED in record time!

Now You Have the Nutritional Tools, Putting in the Work is Up to You!



Expect transformative results in your physique with Muscleology's Big & Ripped Stack, as it optimizes muscle growth, enhances workout performance, and accelerates fat loss, unveiling a leaner, more defined physique. The Big & Ripped Stack Includes:

Mass-Ology Premium Weight Gainer: Think Big, Eat Clean. This top-tier weight gainer is formulated to support your muscle growth and recovery, helping you pack on lean muscle mass effectively.

Category5 Creatine: Don't fear the storm, become a storm. This stimulant-free pre-workout supplement contains 5 grams of creatine monohydrate, along with key ingredients like vitamin C, beta-alanine, betaine anhydrous, and magnesium citrate, to help you power through your workouts and recover faster.

E-Cinerator Extreme Fat Loss: Don't just burn it, E-Cinerate it. This advanced fat-loss formula is designed to help you shed unwanted body fat and reveal your hard-earned muscles, making every workout count towards your goals.

DPXcuts Water Loss: The evolution in water loss. This supplement is formulated to help you shed excess water weight, giving your muscles a more defined and ripped appearance.

Redtest Testosterone Booster: Unleash the animal inside. This testosterone booster is designed to support healthy testosterone levels, which can contribute to increased muscle growth, strength, and overall performance.

Muscleology's Big & Ripped Stack offers a comprehensive solution to both muscle building and fat loss, providing a one-stop-shop for your fitness goals. With Mass-Ology Premium Weight Gainer, Category5 Creatine, and E-Cinerator Extreme Fat Loss, you'll experience enhanced muscle growth, improved workout performance, and accelerated fat loss like never before. Additionally, with supplements like DPXcuts Water Loss and Redtest Testosterone Booster included in the stack, you'll achieve a more defined physique while maximizing muscle gains and overall performance.

E-Cinerator Extreme Fat Loss
Category 5 Creatine
Mass-Ology Premium Weight Gainer
DPXcuts Water Loss
Redtest Testosterone Booster

Always consult with a certified medical practitioner before using this or any other dietary supplement. Do not use if pregnant, KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

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