Dr Maude Exantus

Dr. Maude Exantus

Dr. Maude Exantus

Maude Exantus, is a Haitian- American doctored prepared board-certified primary care practitioner and professional athlete living in Hollywood, Florida.

Dr. Maude has over eighteen years of experience practicing in healthcare. She is the CEO of BeFit Better Health, LLC, a consulting service devoted to the principle of coaching and teaching women how to eat proper healthy foods for their body type with building toned muscles to increase metabolism support to promote fat loss while preserving and maintaining great health aim at preventing illness. She is also the author of the book “BeFit 4 Better Health: Mastering Your Health and Fitness Transformation.

She was raised by a single mother, who taught her how to pursue all her dreams and goals with consistent hard work and determination. Dr. Maude, passion for fitness started out at the gym age 12 years old., she ran track in the 4x 400 meters relay in junior high and high school where she was a powerful athletic sprinter. She had big dreams in becoming Olympian track star.

Dr. Maude’s dream in becoming an Olympic track star were shorten due to circumstantial decision around her childhood, Dr. Maude didn’t allow those decisions to stop her from developing her athletic skills and potential. She’s extremely active and enjoys lifting weights, CrossFit powerlifter training, runs short distance and half marathons, ultra-marathons, and challenges herself with Spartan obstacle races.

Dr. Maude, bodybuilding fitness transformation was the catalyst that spark her passion and growth in continuing competing in bodybuilding shows in the figure division. She became a professional bodybuilding athlete and earned her pro card at the 2016 NPC Nationals Miami show by placing 1st in figure class (E) division after competing in 5 figure competitive NPC shows. She’s a rising star as an IFBB Pro bodybuilder. Dr. Maude has a known repetition and track record of placing top three to five in her professional IFBB Pro figure competitions (and counting!).

Dr. Maude believes her journey into professional bodybuilding competitions is beyond fitness but a calling and God’s plan for her life. She believes her calling is to inspire and impact many women with her knowledge about the beauty of building the physical and spiritual body with proper exercise and diet for prime health.